JMG Facts and Services


• We offer a complete range of services:


• Sales, Marketing, Customer Service
• In-house engineer
• Technical Clinics and Seminars
• Develop Training Material
• Translation of Tech and Troubleshooting guides
• Forecast and Collection analysis

 Advertising programs


Our Goal


Continually create value for all levels of the supply chain:


•All decisions are made on the basis of the long term commitment we endeavor to have with principals and distributors.
•Solutions approach to impasses, accountability after satisfying the situation.
•Full perspective on market conditions and trends.
•Consultative selling and Product Synergy.
•Look beyond the sale to the total relationship.
Technical Team
•Training/Sales seminars to distributors and installers.
•Fit and function reports that determine and process claims.
•Mini-Seminars at the distributor sales counters, mechanical apprentices and technical schools (emphasis on future decision makers)
•Develop flyers, bulletins, catalogs, either by translating it or from scratch.



•Works co-op promotions.
•Institutional Advertising with distributors and principals.
•Designs artwork, quotes, orders and distributes product.
•Handles all collections and disbursements accordingly.
•All done with principals visual image and previous approval.